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Accidents happen, and it’s our job to fix them when it comes to damaging your mobile device. It’s never been easier to render your device useless after dropping it. Our trained technicians will diagnose and repair your device. Even if it is a logic board issue, we are capable of chip level & Micro Soldering repairs. Our lab is equipped with the right tools required to fix the latest devices.

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Water Damage Devices

Drop Your iPhone, iPad & Smartphone in water accidentally, No worry we can help you.
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Poor Battery Life

As devices age, their batteries degrade. With a new battery you can enjoy many more hours of charge.
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Cracked Screens

Our most common repair! With quality genuine parts ensuring that lasts the life of your device.
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Bent Chassis

Sat on your phone? We can straighten your current chassis or replace it with a brand new one.
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Broken Speakers

Many things can cause broken speakers, but we can replace them easily so you can hear again.
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Apple ipad display repair

Professional Repair Technicians

Your Device in Safe Hands

Here at Optimus Telecomm we repair hundreds of devices in a month, so rest assured you’re in safe hands sending your devices to us for repair.

Optimus Telecomm is capable of repairing all apple iPhone, apple iPad and apple Watch models available in the market.We have all the high end right tools for the job so we can open up your device, repair it and assemble it all back together without ever knowing it had been touched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i choose OPTIMUS TELECOMM services?

Your smartphone or device is precious to you. Optimus Telecomm technicians undergo strict training and regular testing to ensure they have the experience and qualifications to repair all leading devices. With nearly more than 60000 repairs to date, we are the trusted repair service center.

How much time do you take to fix my device?

iPhone’s Display Screen, battery, speaker, Microphone, Headphone jack, camera, Home button and charging port are done while you wait.Other repairs are mostly done on the same day except main-board issue and other time consuming repairs.Other repairs such as Apple iPad repair and Apple Watch repair are done with in one day.

Do you provide logic board, Chip Level repairs, Mirco Soldering repairs?

Yes, we have been offering this service from the past 13 years.We are specialize in Apple iPhone repair, Apple iPad repair and apple Watch repair.We have high end right tools to fix devices.We also provide logic board, Micro soldering and chip level repairs for One Plus, Samsung, Google, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi ( Mi ), Motorola, Nokia, htc, Huawei etc.

What should i do if my device falls in water or Another liquid?

Do not turn on your device.It’s best to bring it the same day, as we will have a better chance of repairing it. Of course if you can’t make it to our location, try to dry it out, then bring your device to our location as soon as possible.

How much is it to fix a water damage phone?

Water damage can get a little tricky to give an exact price. Before we change any parts, we have to leave the components of your device in a machine, which cleans the rust and corrosion off of the motherboard.Once we get all the rust off the device and it is safe to test, we start to test all the components. Once we figure out what parts need to be replaced, we can give you a call and give you an exact price quote and turnaround time for repair. You can then decide if you would like to move forward or leave the phone as is.

Do i have to take the Backup my data before bringing the device in for repair?

We highly recommend you to backup your device before bringing it in for repair.We do not wipe or delete your data but just to be on the safe side we suggest you to backup your device.