Home Button Repair

Devices with home buttons on the front of the device are becoming quite ancient now, due to the rise of full display devices. But this doesn’t mean existing devices with home buttons are immune from failing.

At Optimus Telecomm we can diagnose and repair a faulty home button on any device. In most cases the back button damages while improperly disassemble.

If you’re experiencing a faulty home button then you have come to the right place.Please get in touch if this is the case. We can fix it.

Apple iPhone and iPad home button repair.

Our one of the most common repair is home button replacement in apple iPhone’s.

Supported devices

iPhone 4 /4s

iPhone 5 /5c /5s / SE (1st Gen)

iPhone 6/6s

iPhone 6+ / 6s+

iPhone 7 / 7+

iPhone 8 / 8+

High Quality Genuine Spare Parts

We at Optimus Telecomm use the highest quality Genuine parts, With quality genuine parts ensuring that lasts the life of your device.

Up to Lifetime Warranty

We at optimus Telecomm offers warranty on almost all repairs, from 90 days to lifetime warranty.Not just a working device, but also peace of mind as well.

Your smartphone or device is precious to you. Optimus Telecomm technicians undergo strict training and regular testing to ensure they have the experience and qualifications to repair all leading devices. With nearly more than 60000 repairs to date, we are the trusted repair service center.
That was a bit silly, wasn't it? Some believe putting the device in a bag of rice will solve all your problems. But this isn't true and sometimes the damage has already been done.
Of course we can fix, if it is a motherboard issue and not the home button. If it requires to replace components on the motherboard i.e L4 (Level 4 Chip Level Repair).