Unlock Your Apple iPhone iPad & Apple Watch

Many of us love and use the Apple iPhone, iPad and apple watch but many of these iDevices have been locked to a carrier network. These iDevices are usually affordable and unknowing customers can end up with a iDevice that will only work on one particular network. So what happens if you want to get a new plan on another network? You need to get your iDevice network unlocked. This is where OPTIMUS TELECOMM comes in,we can help your iPhone iPad and apple watch unlocked from it’s original carrier so that you are free to join any network you choose.

How it Works ?

Enter your device details

Provide us the model, network and country of the device is locked to.If you don’t know the network and Country your device is locked to use our network check service.

Process Your Unlock

Once your payment is received and verified, we process your device remotely. Need to wait during turnaround period.

Device Unlocked

Your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch is unlocked. Confirmation will be sent to you via SMS or you will receive a call. iPhones are unlocked over-the-air.


Network Check

Use our quick and easy network finding service if you do not know the network and the country that your mobile phone is locked to.

Remember this information is compulsory if we are performing factory unlock your device.



iPhoen Factory Unlock New iPhone X-min

Enter Your Device Details