Water Damage Repair

Did your device get wet? Did you drop it in a pool? Don’t worry we can help.Opposed to popular belief, putting your phone inside a bag of rice will not actually repair the device from water damage.

Rice will draw out some liquid from the external part of the device however will not remove liquid / corrosion from the motherboard and other internal components of the device.

Leaving liquid within the device will slowly corrode the internal delicate parts, this corrosion will start within 24 hours however sometimes the symptoms will not show for a week or even a month. Every day you leave liquid within your device the chances of overall phone & Pad,tablet repair become weaker.

iPhone service center

Fastest Turnaround time

Time is money. we repairs fast and quick. We are specialized in iPhone, iPad and apple watch.We keep spare parts ready in stock.

iPhone service center

Skilled Experienced Technician

Apart from quality service, we have one of the best experienced technicians in this field, hence We deliver on time.

Quality Parts,Warranty

We use only the highest quality spare parts. All repairs carry a 90 days to lifetime warranty. Not just a working device, peace of mind for device repaired.

80% Water Damage Phone’s, iPad’s and Tablets are repairable.

Most of the authorized and other service centers say water damage Phone’s and iPad’s and Tablet’s aren’t repairable.But don’t worry we at Optimus Telecomm are able to fix water damage devices with proper advance diagnostic tools.We can even fix motherboard, if it requires to replace components on the motherboard.